About The Designer/Founder Of Fox Box Frippery

It's super weird talking about myself... but I like having personal connections with people, especially when it comes to creating something new and artistic. I share in their excitement and love bringing people's dreams to life.

How about a little backstory, eh? :D

I'm not exactly your ordinary sort of person... >.>  When I was 19 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and it completely changed the course of my life. Learning to cope and handle this new state of reality I've been given has both taken a toll and taken time. It's been many years of living with this condition and finding the strength to not only live with it but also live beyond it. This has been my daily conquest. With the support of people who love me I've been able to dig into my artistic talents and now use them to bring inspirations to people of all backgrounds! This little store represents overcoming the impossible. Standing up when people say you'll never be able to. Showing them you're so much more than your limitations, and most importantly... never EVER giving up no matter how difficult it gets, especially when it feels like there's no hope.

These designs are for the underdogs in life, the outcasts, the forgotten, the beaten, the broken, the brave and the strong! It's time to show your COLORS!